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Does Networking Really Work?

Starting a new business can sometimes leave you feeling lonely and isolated. You have your head down, trying to market yourself without really having any support from co-workers and fellow professionals.

I have been fortunate enough to have been invited to a number of networking events; from free to those where a subscription is required. As you can visit all networking groups as a visitor, you will soon know if the format is right for you and so my best advice is to try as many different forums as you can.

So, what the benefits?

You can share connections, as well as making new connections, create long lasting business relationships, create opportunities and collaborations that you didn’t even know existed and most importantly of all, enjoy the social aspect. It also allows you to share the good and the bad with individuals who have more than likely gone through the same ups and downs.

So next time you are invited to a networking event – say yes!

Top Tips for Interviews

Whether you’re just starting out or you have many years of experience it’s likely that you find interviews to be nerve racking. The good news is it’s the same for everyone and there are things you can do to prepare yourself…

So, here are my top 5 tips for your next interview:

      Do your research – The internet is a wonderful tool so use it find out about the company so you can talk about it.
      Sell yourself – Even if you are not asked about all your experience or accomplishments – if you feel they are relevant talk about them.
      Questions – Have some questions prepared beforehand. It shows that you are interested in the role and the business.
      Don’t rush – Take your time to answer questions and if they are unclear ask for clarification.
      Silence is Golden – Don’t feel pressured by silences – think carefully about your answers so that you can give a succinct and thoughtful reply each time.

Managing Absence During Major Events

With so many major events happening this year, how do you ensure that you balance everyone having the opportunity to attend the Olympics for example and manage the minority who will abuse the absence system to take “extra” holiday.

This is such a difficult line for small businesses; so how are they best managed? Here are my top 5 tips:-

  • 1) Ensure that you have a robust holiday process.
  • 2) Leave should be booked on a “first come, first served” basis.
  • 3) Employees who are absent without authorisation will not be paid in respect of days not worked.
  • 4) Employees who are absent without permission on the day of a major sporting event and who are not able to provide medical evidence or a sound explanation for their absence will be subject to the organisation’s disciplinary procedure.
  • 5) Remember this is an exceptional year and very often you end up making rules for the minority rather than the majority.